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Beginners Program


This program is for those who are new to Boxing and are looking for a good workout. Also, this is a good refresher course if you have been boxing and then took a break for a while In this program, you will: - Learn the fundamentals of boxing - Learn what kind of boxing style fits you best - Boxers stance - How to throw a punch correctly - The art of throwing the Jab and setting it up - Learning how to pace yourself Ready to start your boxing journey? If you ever have been interested in boxing and anytime you look up a boxing gym you don’t want to do it because of the price or it may just be because you never have time this program is perfect for you as you learn how to become a boxer right in the comfort of your home plus it is a killer workout that will get you in shape in no time. Looking forward to seeing you inside let's get it!


Beginner Subscription, $7.00/month

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