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Advanced Program


This program is for those who want high-level techniques and training. In this program, you will: - Travel deep into the sweet science of boxing - Master your offense with professional grade combinations - Become a “shadow” in the ring with proper footwork and elusive head movement - Put it all together - the “secret sauce” of championship fighters - Increase your strength, speed, power, and stamina with proven strength and conditioning drills Ready to take your boxing skills to the next level? If you are already a fighter this program can still benefit you as you will learn new combinations and techniques. If you are new to boxing we have a beginner-level program and an intermediate-level program that I suggest checking out first as those programs will get you ready for the Advance Program. So are you ready to become an advanced-level boxer today, from your home, for less than a pair of handwraps?


Advanced Program, $7.00/month

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